How I got started selling on Etsy and Local craft fairs

I have been sewing since I was young my Great Aunt Anita Cote Durand was my inspiration she was a seamstress and did alterations out of her basement for years. Some of my earliest Memories of visiting my Memere (pronounced Mem-may) Jeannette Cote Rheault were of sitting next to my Aunt and watching her sew and pushing the pedal on the machine for her.

I am the mother of 4 boys and the Aunt to many nieces to list. Several of them I helped to raise in to the beautiful young woman and I am still very close to them. I have been making clothes for myself and all the kids for as long as I can remember. My youngest sons are twins and I made almost all of there clothes for years. None of my kids or grandkids (I am now the proud Memere to 5 of them) has ever slept on store bought crib sheets.

I was sewing for the first three grandchildren when my children first started to tell me that I needed to make and sell my clothes but I guess I wasn't ready yet. In 2011 I fell and injured my back and was limited in what I was able to do so I began to sew on a more regular basis again because it helped to take my mind off of the pain that is now in my back, hips and my legs.

My better half has been wonderful in setting up my sewing space so everything is at my level and I don't have to bend at all when I am sewing.

Shortly after the birth of my latest grandson I decided to start sewing and selling my outfits. I was very frustrated with the grown up styles and the clothes that I think are too mature for my young granddaughter to be wearing yet. So I make time honored styles and traditional children’s clothes that last, grown and never go out of style so they can be used and passed down from one child to the next.

I hope you love my creations they are made with a grandmother's or Memere's attention to details and with comfort and longevity in mind.

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